Supplies :

    A global network of suppliers.

    Carefully choosing the raw materials  to meet our customers’ needs.

    A guarantee of quality and continuity of the supply chain.

    A botanical knowledge :
    A knowledge of aromatic  substances contained in the various plants.

Separation / rectification :

    Beauvilliers flavors does the separation of fine molecules present in natural products.

    This know-how is also used to eliminate unwanted molecules in natural products.

    A high level of purity is achieved thanks to state-of-the-art  split  distillation equipment.

Warehousing :
    Agreement for the shelling of star anise, star anise anethole and ethylic alcohol. We use ethylic alcohol in extractions and infusions.
Formulation :
    Aromatic  and scented formulation and composition on request.
Analysis :
    Physicochemical analysis.  Organoleptic  analysis.
Marketing :

We sell natural molecules with a high level of purity thanks to our know-how in various areas :

  • Agribusiness
  • Perfume industry
Tools :

Industrial equipment for separation, rectification and  extraction